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Susanne Lunn, Dansk Psykoanalytisk Selskabs formand, og kolleger har fået Tidskriftspris Maj 2016

Susanne Lunn, formand for DPAS, Signe Holm Pedersen og Stig Poulsen har fået JAPA prisen 2015 for artiklen:
Eating Disorders and Mentalization: High Reflective Functioning in Patients with Bulimia Nervosa.

JAPA står for Journal of American Psychoanalytic Association og er et af de førende amerikanske psykoanalytiske tidsskrifter.

(2015). Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association, 63:671-694
Eating Disorders and Mentalization: High Reflective Functioning in Patients with Bulimia Nervosa
Signe Holm Pedersen , Stig Poulsen and Susanne Lunn

The theory of mentalization has recently been applied in the area of eating disorders (Skårderud 2012). This article reports a qualitative study based on interviews with five women suffering from bulimia nervosa. All five scored high on the Reflective Functioning Scale, indicating a highly developed ability to mentalize. the present qualitative study, which focuses on the women’s capacity to relate to and regulate affects, supports the finding that they are relatively skilled at reflecting on their own and others’ thoughts and emotions. However, this highly developed capacity for mentalization is apparently not helping them regulate their emotions. This suggests that the capacity to mentalize may not be as closely related to the capacity to regulate affects as Fonagy et al. (2002) have proposed. Indeed, the concept of mentalizationmay be overinclusive and in need of stricter definition. Thus, it might be envisaged that while the ability to mentalize is closely related to the ability to put feelings into words (the opposite of alexithymia), an ability to mentalize may not necessarily entail a capacity to regulate affects. Finally, the study illustrates that far from all eating-disordered patients have problems mentalizing.


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