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Psychoanalysis and Climate Change. Online Conference – May 2020

What can psychoanalysis offer to the on-going discussion about the state of the planet?

The Freud Museum held a conference on Ecological Madness in 1992 which was one of the first conferences to bring a psychoanalytic perspective to this global issue. Twenty-eight years later “ecological madness” has become a “climate emergency” and the impact on mental health is a major concern.

We are revisiting this pressing subject by inviting psychoanalysts, activists, authors and young poets to explore the psychological impact of the climate emergency in the consulting room and beyond. Many of us may feel helpless, anxious, guilty, angry, melancholic, and even fatigued from the constant flow of information; more and more people are said to be suffering from “climate anxiety”. In many parts of the world populations are not only suffering anxiety about the future but from the traumatic impact of ongoing environmental catastrophes.

How we process our emotional responses is an important step to understanding the crisis and acting in a determined, effective and creative way. Can psychoanalysis help save the planet?

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