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Freud in exile – ‘Freud’s Coat Revisited’ – Freud Museum London

Freud Museet London: ny udstilling af professor Paul Coldwell:
Freud’s Coat Revisited
åbnet februar 2017 og løber til 7.05 2017

…’The exibition contains 15 artworks including a life-sized image constructed from x-rays of the coat that Freud purchased to travel to London and a reconstruction of the objects on Freud’s desk, 3D scanned and printed in pure white nylon.
…Together the works address the themes of absence and presence, of objects and loss, and examines what it means to have to flee one’s home and become a migrant.
“I think the exhibition taps into ideas about migration and what it means to provide safety which feel are quite relevant themes today” explained Coldwell. “I think this has a very contemporary resonnance especially at a time when so many countries are tightening borders.”

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