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Freuds 160 års dag fejres med Google Doodle

Sigmund Freud Google Doodle celebrates father of psychoanalysis’ 160th birthday

Designed by doodler Kevin Laughlin, today’s Freudian doodle depicts the deep dark sea of the unconscious.

sigmund-freuds-160th-birthday Google DoodleGoogle is paying tribute to the world’s most famous psychoanalyst today, replacing its home page logo with a doodle to mark Sigmund Freud’s 160th birthday.

At first glance, the image appears to be a portrait of the deep dark sea with a steam ship floating in front of icebergs, but then you see Freud’s profile just above the water, with his signature glasses and beard.

The design draws our eye to the horizon, reminding us how the genius of Freud’s practice rests in the space between doctor and patient, reader and text, human and world.

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Designed by doodler Kevin Laughlin, the doodle is the perfect metaphor for Freud’s work — which was based on the fact that if you look deeper, there is always more beyond the surface of things, especially when it comes to our unconscious. Thanks to Freud, we have dream interpretation and psychoanalysis terms like narcissism, sibling rivalry and death wish.

Freud’s logo leads to a search for “Sigmund Freud” and includes a sharing icon to post the doodle on social pages.

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