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Repetition – Transformation – 7th EPF-congress for University Students

7th EPF Conference for University Students …The tendency to repeat satisfying experiences in life, in the interest of the so-called pleasure principle, is not difficult to understand. However, human beings can also be prone to repeat painful, sometimes traumatic experiences, often rooted in early childhood. These repetitions can cause stagnation and destruction and may prevent… Læs mere her >>

The London Lectures on Psychoanalysis – David Bell – online kursus

On-line kursus David Bell   The London Lectures on Psychoanalysis   April–July 2022Course OverviewDr David Bell has taught at The Tavistock Clinic London and The British PsychoanalyticSociety for over 25 years. His lectures and seminars have been widely praised.This series of online lectures now allows his teaching to reach a wider audience.It offers a systematic introduction and… Læs mere her >>

OBS! Tilmeldingsfrist 15.02.22 – Kursus Assessment – Systematisk Klinisk Udredning

    Assessment/Systematisk klinisk udredning og vurdering – 48 timer     Kurset er godkendt til specialistuddannelsen, voksenmodulet: 10.2     Dansk Psykoanalytisk Selskab (IPA) –  Kursus forår 2022     Husk tilmelding senest 15.02.22     Tilmelding sker ved indbetaling på DPAS’ s bankkonto:     Reg. nr.: 5369 Kontonr.: 242308 HUSK AT SKRIVE NAVN  OG MAILADRESSE PÅ INDBETALINGEN… Læs mere her >>

Turning The Tide – Behandling af Psykiatriske Patienter med Komplekse Behov – En Psykoanalytisk Tilgang

Det kan gøres anderledes…. Turning the Tide: The Psychoanalytic Approach of the Fitzjohn’s Unit to Patients with Complex Needs Er en beskrivelse af en behandlingsenhed på Tavistock Klinikken i London som behandler personer med komplicerede psykiske problemer med en psykoanalytisk tilgang som informerer alle led i behandlingskontakten. Editor : Rael Meyerowitz, Editor : David Bell… Læs mere her >>

Winnicott – A present for the Future

Winnicott:  A present for the Future – The Winnicott Trust afholder online konference i anledning af 50 året for Winnicotts død: Dr. Donald Woods Winnicott, 1896-1971, British psychoanalyst, pediatrician, and child psychiatrist. He worked at the Paddington Green Children’s Hospital in London for over 40 years, beginning in 1923, where he became interested in child… Læs mere her >>

Translation/Transformation – 100 years of the International Journal of Psychoanalysiss

Translation/Transformation 100 Years of the International Journal of Psychoanalysis editor: Dana Birksted-Breen Translation is at the heart of psychoanalysis: from unconscious to conscious, experience to verbal expression, internal to enacted, dream thought to dream image, language to interpretation, unrepresented to represented and transference of past to present. The book’s first part discusses the question of… Læs mere her >>

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