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                           Re-visiting Psychotic Aspects of the Personality

UCL – London – Den årlige psykoanalytisk kongres bliver også i år afholdt online
                       03 December 2021–05 December 2021, 3:30 pm–1:00 pm


The annual UCL Psychoanalysis Unit conference, with accompanying clinical seminars, will seek a deeper understanding of psychotic aspects of the personality.
This virtual UCL Psychoanalysis Conference will present detailed psychoanalytic work seeking to describe and further understand these fundamental problems in the context of their occurrence in a wide spectrum of psychopathology – from the apparently normal and mildly neurotic to the most overtly and grossly disturbed – and across the life cycle: in children, adolescents, adulthood. The programme will have more space for discussions and dialogues on the main questions with everyone attending able to take part. The aim is an engrossing enjoyable hard-working event.

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