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European Psychoanalytic Federation – EPF – Annual Conference in Madrid


The 2019 Annual Conference of the EPF will be held from 11th to 14th of April 2019 in Madrid.

At our conference, we will devote ourselves to very different aspects of the relation between body and mind from a psychoanalytic point of view. Of course, one central issue will be the suffering in the body and expressed through the body, be it in form of a meaningful conversion or as psychosomatic pain, as skin affection or as psychotic disintegration of a coherent body image. We will also deal with the subjectively false body in transsexualism. Another aspect relates to the implications of organ transplantations. Of further importance are contemporary phenomena like the increase of body modification such as tattoos and piercings, signalling the wish for visible mind-body individuality, but also the disappearance of the body and of inter-corporeality in the virtual space of the internet.

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IPA 51st Congress in London
24. – 27. juli 2019





Psychoanalytic theory and practice both have
a part to play in addressing the question of ‘the feminine’.
Our goal for thi s Congress is to focus on issues that affect the everyday life and experiences of both women and men.
Since the late nineteenth century, concerns and
problems related to the female condition, which were previously normalised or silenced, have become increasingly visible in different cultures.

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