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Developmental Ruptures: The psychoanalysis of breakdown and defensive solutions book coverDevelopmental Ruptures The psychoanalysis of breakdown and defensive solutions

This book questions the diagnostic categories applied to adolescents from a developmental viewpoint putting forth an alternative perspective for assessment that considers prognostic and risk indicators.

Going beyond the classification of adult pyschopahtology, Anna Maria Nicolò presents a multidimensional approach to the adolescent mind that explores its complexities through a clinical lens and accompanying theoretical prism. Often crises in adolescence might well mark the onset of a psychotic process that does not respect phase-specific tasks. Yet in other cases, such developmental ruptures are the opportunity for a positive reorganization of personality. In this way, adolescence may highlight latent childhood functioning or allow for new integrations. Therefore, accurate diagnosis and early intervention are necessary to enable the developmental reorganization of both the patient and the family. Drawing on clinical case material, this book provides readers with the practical and theoretical tools to intervene in developmental ruptures.

Developmental Ruptures will appeal to psychoanalysts, psychiatrists, and developmental psychologists, as well as to people working with psychotic onset and crises emerging particularly at the outset of puberty or young adulthood.

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New Tools for Psychoanalysis: Clinical Investigation and Psychoanalytic Training in the Working Parties book coverNew Tools for Psychoanalysis Clinical Investigation and Psychoanalytic Training in the Working Parties

Bringing together the findings from psychoanalysts across the globe, this book introduces and describes the research practices utilised by the Working Parties that were created by the European Psychoanalytical Federation and later supported by the International Psychoanalytical Association.

The book opens with a discussion of the epistemology of research in psychoanalysis, then the various Working Parties describe their methodology and findings, and finally, in the last chapter, an assessment is made of what contributions this oxygenating movement has made to psychoanalysis. It examines topics including individual and group work, supervision, clinical interpretation, erotic transference and psychosomatics, and contains contributions from many distinguished analysts.

Providing a wealth of information on the place of research in evaluating new clinical methods and tools, this book is key reading for psychoanalysts both in practice and in training.

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